About The Barometer

The Petroleum Industry Barometer Project (PIBP) is an initiative of the Cable Journalism Newspaper Foundation (CNJF) in partnership with TheCable newspaper.

It focuses on the oil and gas industry in Nigeria through investigative reporting and advocacy on the chain of activities in the sector and its relationship with other sectors. The project is informed by the belief that the Nigerian oil industry could benefit from more scrutiny through in-depth reporting and discussions around issues of transparency.

One of the biggest obstacles in the campaign for good governance in the oil and gas industry is the lack of sustained demand for accountability.  As the livewire of the Nigerian economy, the oil industry has continued to be the focal point of public debate over issues of transparency and efficiency. It is perpetually rocked by scandals with promises of reform never really materialising. A lot is being done by CSOs and international agencies to crack the dark secrets of the industry in order to bring about the much-desired changes.

Nigerians need to understand the issues as clearly as possible in order to be able to ask important questions and lend their voice to the campaign for the liberalisation of information on the operations of the sector. A good understanding of the technical issues will benefit the media and the Nigerian public in the quest for accountability. With investigations and issue-based reporting of the sector, and visualisation of industry narratives and data, PIBP seeks to improve the understanding and strengthen the voice of the citizens.

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